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stage plays

For its debut season in Los Angeles, Trebuchet Players will present a variety of entertainments.

13 Miles From Security
by Kathy Drum

by William Shakespeare

New Plays Festival
featuring works by local playwrights

A Midsummer Nightmare
adapted by Tyrrell Woolbert
from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by Kathy Drum


applied theatre

Applied Theatre is an umbrella term for using theatrical tools and techniques outside the conventional theatre, and for purposes such as education, therapy, and community-building. Trebuchet Players has a few such projects in development.

2020 Vision
designed with first-time voters in mind,
using the study of historical drama to invite provoke thought and discussion about politics and its impact on the lives of regular people

Haunted Salem
an educational performance based on the violent hysteria that gripped Salem, MA, in the early 1690s